Dec 25, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas from Minnesota and my lovely new deer friend. I found this guy at an antique mall in Rockville, Indiana. "Hibbing, MN" is inscribed on the bottom of the plaque, which just so happens to be the where my dad grew up-as well as Bob Dylan. It was an exciting find! Anyways, I hope everyone's Christmas was very merry and bright :)

Dec 17, 2011


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I just found this video on Friends with Both Arms of Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr performing in a small eco-village in Iceland. I don't know why they went, but its pretty neat. My great grandmother was Icelandic, so that makes me 12.5% Icelandic. I'd really like to go there someday-it looks so beautiful in this video! Check it out here

I'm done with finals! Done done and done. Only one more semester left of college. Eek! I'm going to post about my DIY fur collar jacket when I get home. Happy holidays to all!

Oct 20, 2011

Jaan Petechan Ho

Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet again! I've been so busy with school that I haven't had any time to blog. I  like this blog thing, but its a lot more high maintenance than a tumblr. Cross your fingers that the blogspot gods don't hear that and give me the boot :D

When my parents came to visit at the end of September, we went to this place called Cataract Falls. My mom and I climbed down to a part of the falls thats hidden from the main lookout and it was amazing! SO cool. Here are some pictures:

 Upper portion of the falls

Hidden falls

Inside a covered bridge

I'm back home in good old Minnesota for the week, which has given me time to take a breath. ((in the infamous words of Steven B) (that's my dad)). So far my fall break has consisted of school work, studying for the MCAT, sleeping, thrifting, and catching up with family and friends.

Really really current- I mean right now-life updates:

1. Its flippin' COLD in Minnesota. I thought it was fall??

2. I signed up for the MCAT. Extremely scary yet exciting at the same time. Freud would approve. 

3. Found a new thrift store in Minneapolis! Well, no actually my sister did. But its awesome! Go check out Hill Valley Boutique if you're in the state.

4. This song:

(I finally watched Ghost World in its entirety) 

Let me know if this song gets permanently stuck in your head like it has in mine.
Have a great weekend!

p.s. Do you ever wish you could breathe underwater?

Sep 26, 2011


I have a new song for you. A little wonky, but I like it. Check out "Hey Gurl" by The Group Sound here

Life updates: My friends came to visit!!

School has been crazy so far, but also really fun. Going to school in the U.S. is SO much more stressful than Denmark. I want my hygge back. Also, I'm the "Goddess" in a dance competition for all the Greek houses called "Greek God and Goddess." Haha sounds ridiculous, I know. But I've been really busy with all that jazz. Last update-it's my birthday tomorrow! Or more like in 27 minutes. The big 22. 21 where did you go? Hopefully it will only get better from here :)

Sep 13, 2011

Tuesday Tunes

I felt like it was about time I posted again, and wanted to share some music with you! Lots of blogs do Music Mondays, and I really like some of the music that the urban outfitters blog posted here. The song "Cheap Perfume" by Bare Wires is pretty neat. Very lo-fi, which is definitely one of my favorite types of music. I realize that this blog has kind of been transitioning into more music than anything since I haven't had time for much else. If you want to hear about anything in particular let me know! Hope this helps cure your weekend blues :)

Sep 1, 2011

Song that I like

You might recognize these guys from the MTV music awards. They were so great! This song rocks.

This week has been my first official week back at school and it's already been crazy with work. Maybe I'm not used to the academic level of DePauw after being in Copenhagen for four months, but jeez, so much for the senior slide! I also have been trying to figure out my plans for after graduation and realized I have to start studying for the MCAT pretty soon if I want to be ready to apply for medical schools in August. Yikes. Looks like MCAT Kelsey is about to emerge...get ready. 

Aug 24, 2011

Last First Day?

So today is the last first day of my undergraduate education! Weird right? I thought it would be funny to document this remarkably anti-climatic event with some photos. I talked my roommate Nicole into taking these:

Nicole was also my roommate freshman year, so we've come full circle as roommates again for senior year. Its nice to live with someone you've already lived with because you skip the awkward phase of figuring out how to live with each other. 

freshman year, move in day

beginning of sophomore year

 sophomore year

beginning of junior year when we lived in the Walden

These past three years have flown by, and I know that this next year will be the same so I'll just have to make the most of it! It feels good to be back :)

The music video is really weird but the song rocks. 

Aug 19, 2011

Show & Tell

While I should be packing, I decided to update my blog instead. I can't believe summer ended so quickly and I drive to DePauw tomorrow! I'm sad to leave because this summer was so great, but excited to go back at the same time. Saying bye to people at work was really hard. My manager cried when I left! I got along so well with everyone at Edina Peds, working there this year was easily 10 times better than the last. And even though my friend count was diminished this summer, I loved hanging out with my friends that were here and my family.

On a lighter note, here's some show and tell:

these are the suitcases I've acquired this summer 
(yes Annie I know the one on the bottom is yours)

these are coming with me to school :)

my grandma's initials

a painting I did this summer

another painting

A song I'm currently obsessed with:

I don't quite know who reads this blog anymore, but thank you if you do. Shout out to my dad for being my #1 follower :) Thank you Minnesota for another great summer, and here's to my senior year of college (yikes) in Indiana!

Aug 7, 2011


Hello! I've been working a lot lately (as usual), but when I'm not working I try to socialize and such as much as possible. This past weekend my cousins from California were in town so my aunt and I took them to the Antique Mall of St.Paul. I love that place so much, it was nice to take them there! I found this awesome blouse there with the cutest collar. I've been looking for a shirt with that type of peter pan collar so I was happy to find it!

look who showed up! 

I go back to school so soon its unreal. Where did the summer go? There's one song I've been listening to on repeat so if you haven't heard it I suggest you have a listen:

Jul 26, 2011

Go Outside

This past weekend I had the scary realization that I only have one month of summer left. One. Month. Ahh! Its gone by so fast. I've been working the most I ever have, so this summer has been pretty tame, but at the same time really good. It's been a nice transition from the surreal semester in Europe to life back home. The fact that I was living in Denmark two months ago feels sooo long ago that it's hard to grasp sometimes.

Things that rocked today:

1. I got paid! It was about time.

2. This shirt rocks. 

3. I caved and bought a Fjallraven Kanken backpack and I LOVE it. 

4. Cults made a music video! Its been over a year since my friend Jeff showed me the song "Go Outside" and I'm still in love with it. Here's the official music video:

OH YEAH I saw Oh Land and Sia last week at First Ave and they were amaaazing. Oh Land was so cute and Danish she won me over instantly. Sia was incredible live! She was down to earth and chatty-but in the funny, charming way. At one point during the show she stopped to pull up her pants on stage. Haha can you believe it? I just about died. So great. Have a fantastic rest of the week everyone!

Jul 17, 2011

Holy Heat

Minnesota's lost its head and heated up to the high 90s. + 74% humidity= a heat index over 100 and a hermit Kelsey. So I've been cooped up inside trying to find things to do. I cleaned out my closet today and probably inhaled more dust than is advisable, but in the process I came across some gems. I found this great pleated skirt that was my grandma's a long time ago. My mom inherited if from my grandma, then gave it to me. On a side note, I'm looking for something new to paint so if you have any ideas let me know!

My friend Emily just sent me this awesome mix with a bunch of 60s music, so I've sort of been stuck there lately. Some of my favorites right now are:

Somebody to Love-Jefferson Airplane
Ain't Too Proud to Beg-The Temptations
All Day and All of the Night-The Kinks

(in the least lezzy way possible)

Jul 15, 2011

The End of an Era

I saw the last Harry Potter movie last night and it was amazing! My mom got tickets to a sneak peak showing so we got to see it before midnight. Pretty VIP right? David Yates did an incredible job recreating the war-like battle at Hogwarts. It was exciting, emotional, terrifying...I could go on forever.

 "Of course its happening inside your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?"-Dumbledore

Its so sad that this movies marks the end of the decade-long Harry Potter saga, but I liked what Daniel Radcliffe said at the London Premiere-
"I don't think the end of the story happens tonight because--don't get too excited; it's not what you think--because each and every person, not only in the Square but also watching around the world who will see this film and have followed these films for the last 10 years, will carry this story with them for the rest of their lives, and it will affect what they do."  
Well said. What a great ending to an era that I'm proud to call part of my childhood. 

Jul 9, 2011

the girls are back in town

All the stars aligned this weekend because three of my best friends from high school came back in town! I've been going hard since Thursday and am completely exhausted, but hey its worth it :) 

bahaha I love my friends. 

I'm going to push the Generationals again because I like them so much. Better yet, the video features cats. Sounds like a winning combination to me. Enjoy!

Jul 1, 2011

Things Lately

I haven't updated in awhile so here's a visual account of what I've been up to (besides work)

What I've been doing lately:

Seeing friends from abroad :)

climbing creepy statues?

(kudos to Annie)

(kudos again)

and going to Saints games in 95 degree weather

What I've been painting lately:

What I've been searching for: 

Mounted antlers and a new cameo to replace mine that broke

What I've been listening to lately:

Headed to Madison for the weekend to see awesome friends! Have a great 4th!