Sep 26, 2011


I have a new song for you. A little wonky, but I like it. Check out "Hey Gurl" by The Group Sound here

Life updates: My friends came to visit!!

School has been crazy so far, but also really fun. Going to school in the U.S. is SO much more stressful than Denmark. I want my hygge back. Also, I'm the "Goddess" in a dance competition for all the Greek houses called "Greek God and Goddess." Haha sounds ridiculous, I know. But I've been really busy with all that jazz. Last update-it's my birthday tomorrow! Or more like in 27 minutes. The big 22. 21 where did you go? Hopefully it will only get better from here :)

Sep 13, 2011

Tuesday Tunes

I felt like it was about time I posted again, and wanted to share some music with you! Lots of blogs do Music Mondays, and I really like some of the music that the urban outfitters blog posted here. The song "Cheap Perfume" by Bare Wires is pretty neat. Very lo-fi, which is definitely one of my favorite types of music. I realize that this blog has kind of been transitioning into more music than anything since I haven't had time for much else. If you want to hear about anything in particular let me know! Hope this helps cure your weekend blues :)

Sep 1, 2011

Song that I like

You might recognize these guys from the MTV music awards. They were so great! This song rocks.

This week has been my first official week back at school and it's already been crazy with work. Maybe I'm not used to the academic level of DePauw after being in Copenhagen for four months, but jeez, so much for the senior slide! I also have been trying to figure out my plans for after graduation and realized I have to start studying for the MCAT pretty soon if I want to be ready to apply for medical schools in August. Yikes. Looks like MCAT Kelsey is about to emerge...get ready.