Aug 24, 2011

Last First Day?

So today is the last first day of my undergraduate education! Weird right? I thought it would be funny to document this remarkably anti-climatic event with some photos. I talked my roommate Nicole into taking these:

Nicole was also my roommate freshman year, so we've come full circle as roommates again for senior year. Its nice to live with someone you've already lived with because you skip the awkward phase of figuring out how to live with each other. 

freshman year, move in day

beginning of sophomore year

 sophomore year

beginning of junior year when we lived in the Walden

These past three years have flown by, and I know that this next year will be the same so I'll just have to make the most of it! It feels good to be back :)

The music video is really weird but the song rocks. 

Aug 19, 2011

Show & Tell

While I should be packing, I decided to update my blog instead. I can't believe summer ended so quickly and I drive to DePauw tomorrow! I'm sad to leave because this summer was so great, but excited to go back at the same time. Saying bye to people at work was really hard. My manager cried when I left! I got along so well with everyone at Edina Peds, working there this year was easily 10 times better than the last. And even though my friend count was diminished this summer, I loved hanging out with my friends that were here and my family.

On a lighter note, here's some show and tell:

these are the suitcases I've acquired this summer 
(yes Annie I know the one on the bottom is yours)

these are coming with me to school :)

my grandma's initials

a painting I did this summer

another painting

A song I'm currently obsessed with:

I don't quite know who reads this blog anymore, but thank you if you do. Shout out to my dad for being my #1 follower :) Thank you Minnesota for another great summer, and here's to my senior year of college (yikes) in Indiana!

Aug 7, 2011


Hello! I've been working a lot lately (as usual), but when I'm not working I try to socialize and such as much as possible. This past weekend my cousins from California were in town so my aunt and I took them to the Antique Mall of St.Paul. I love that place so much, it was nice to take them there! I found this awesome blouse there with the cutest collar. I've been looking for a shirt with that type of peter pan collar so I was happy to find it!

look who showed up! 

I go back to school so soon its unreal. Where did the summer go? There's one song I've been listening to on repeat so if you haven't heard it I suggest you have a listen: