Jun 9, 2011


I've been completely obsessed with Polaroids lately. I downloaded the program Poladroid and it rocks. My friend also recommended this Japanese program called Toy Camera Analog Color and its pretty neat. So, until I get my actual Polaroid land camera fixed up I'm having fun messing around with these.


Holland tulips

Stacie's dinos


Minneapolis :)

I also finally have an idea for what I want to paint in my art class this summer! I'm going to attempt to paint Polaroid/analog inspired portraits that have imperfections, distorted colors, and light flares. It should either be really fun or really frustrating...

I like this Minneapolis-based band called Night Moves. Check out their free album via Afternoon Records and listen to "Headlights"! It has some good summer vibes that I'm sure you'll appreciate.

Jun 6, 2011


Its official folks, summer is FINALLY here in Minnesota. Today was a scorching 95 degrees (at least) and tomorrow should be the same. Two of my best friends from high school have been in town this past week/weekend so its been a marathon of hanging out, partying, and watching old movies whenever I'm not working. I think its amazing that I'm still so close to my best friends from high school and am so grateful for that. I love you all to death :) Anyways, good movies I've watched lately are: Bridesmaids, Midnight in Paris, and Pirate Radio. One bad movie that I recently saw that you should never, ever watch is Camilla. Its the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. Just don't do it.

Grand Old Day

I found some cool things thrift shopping so I'll have to post those soon. Here's one of my favorite local, up & coming bands: Total Babe. I've been following them since last summer and absolutely love em. You can listen to their new song here at MFR. Enjoy!