Mar 30, 2011

Hurry up & slow down

I just found this new song by We All Have Hooks for Hands on MFR. It's surprisingly tame compared to their other music. Last year I saw them in Minneapolis and they literally blew out everyone's ear drums with two drum sets, two trumpets, two guitarists, one bassist, and a lead singer. Oh yeah and a keyboard I think...Oh my god it was so much sound. Listen to their new song "Girls" here--

SO much good music coming out lately! I need to figure out how to embed this stuff fasttt

I might be going to this thing called Freday bar on Friday. Its basically a big party for everyone connected to the med school-so med students, faculty, current doctors etc. It sounds pretty fun and somehow DIS got us invited so why not? On Sunday the trains are free so my friend Emily and I are going to take the trek out to Hillerod and check out this big castle out there. They're known for having amazing gardens, so hopefully things will be in bloom!

I've also started biking to and from the train station. Its only a 15 minute bike ride, but biking into the wind constantly is pretty tough. Its so nice not having to rely on the buses though. The bus blows.

What else-I've been doing a lot of planning for my travel break. I finally got my Eurail pass in the mail today! Here's the basic travel plan:
Saturday April 9th: fly to Barcelona
Monday April 11th: fly to Venice
Wednesday: take the train to Florence
Friday: take the train to Rome
Sunday: fly back to Copenhagen & see Anno and Roseo!
Tuesday: fly to Amsterdam
Friday: fly back to Copenhagen

Countdown: 9 days. Sun here I come.

Mar 25, 2011

Oh it's crazy

I watched the Denmark's X-factor tonight, basically the Danish version of American Idol, and they had a few Danish pop singers perform with the finalists. Did you know the band Aqua is from Denmark? Yeah me neither. Haha it was weird seeing them perform when they are such a childhood memory for me. Anyways, this one singer, Fallulah, I actually really like.

I'm going to see Ducktails at the Loppen tomorrow night which should be cool. The Loppen is a really low key place so hopefully the music is good. Also, I learned how to do a fishtail braid today! Super easy. I'm one step closer to doing all those cool braids that I see everyday. Side note- during a supposed 10 minute meeting with one of my teachers that turned into 40 minutes (I kid you not), she told me that she would've mistaken me for a dane on the street, if she didn't know I was an American. Woah--huge compliment coming from the girl that follows blogs on Danish style...!

Anyways, I'm FINALLY done with all my tests/exams/midterms! So now I'm taking a break and not thinking about anything school-related for the next few days. Have a good weekend!

Mar 22, 2011


...was so amazing that I'm just going to let Budapest speak for itself

 Hello Budapest

Love locks

St. Stephen's Basilica 


Buda + Pest

Royal Palace

More of Buda


 Inside St. Stephen's Basilica

 View from ontop

 View from the Citadel

 Buda lit up

Hungary brings hygge to a whole new level

Szechenyi baths

Budapest was absolutely beautiful. If you ever have the chance to go there, do it! Ducktails are playing at the Loppen on Saturday so hopefully I can go to that. No class friday so I'm gonna finally catch up on my sleep.

Cults have a new song- listen here and let me know what you think!

Mar 21, 2011

Jenquisha, Berlin & Poznan

And I'm back from the dead. Sorry for the week long hiatus! After I got back from long study tour/Budapest I literally got slapped in the face with school work. Not to mention we got back from Budapest way later than expected because our flight was delayed by 5 hours. So 4 papers, 2 tests, and 1 critique down, I still have some more to go, but I'll make it.

Anyways, study tour was awesome. Our first stop was Poznan, Poland after an excruciatingly long bus ride. Poznan was cute, but also in a state of disrepair. The hospitals we saw there were definitely different from what we'd seen before-they were well kept, but way behind on technology.

Start of the trip-on the beach waiting to take the ferry to Germany

Poznan, Poland early morning

 Pretend doctors...

Walking tour

Funny story about the walking tour: At lunch before the tour, I was trying to remember how to say thank you in Polish. I couldn't remember how to pronounce it and accidentally said "jenquisha" instead of "jen-koo-ya" (actually spelled dzienkuje??). After joking around about what that sounds like, I had it down. At the beginning of the walking tour our guide asked us who knew how to say thank you in Polish. Super excited that I just figured out how to say it, but a little over confident-I yelled out "jenquisha" instead of "jenkooya." I just about died. The tour guide stared at me, then continued talking. So embarrassing yet so funny. Whoops.

Uh yeah, this was the look on his face...shooting daggers
(photo credit: BEN)

After two days in Poznan we got back on our retro-funk bus (bit of a downgrade from the space bus) and drove to Berlin. I LOVED Berlin. Theres so much history there. There's this saying in Berlin, "We're poor, but we're sexy." Haha I liked it. We went on a really fun bike tour while we were there, and also a pub crawl. Our pub crawl leader was named "Stefan." And yes, it's pronounced in the ridiculous snooty way with the accent on the 'a.' Never thought I'd meet a real person with that name...haha anyways it was a pretty good time. As for the academic part, my favorite was the Center for Anatomy where we saw a bunch of cadavers and organs. It was crazy and gross, but also really interesting.

artsy district in Berlin

 first German beer in Germany

bike gang

 Reichstag, the white house of Germany, where I had the most expensive meal of my life (40 euro!)

top of the Reichstag

the hotel where MJ dangled his kid from

The dome church-you can see the pollution

More of the bike tour

Group shot in front of the Berlin Wall (photo credit: Nshunge)

 At a communist bar on the pub crawl

 Yay we love Berlin

 another piece of the wall

Instead of taking the bus back to Copenhagen, I went to Budapest with three friends for the weekend. We were exhausted, but Budapest was so beautiful we had an amazing time. I'm going to upload pictures on another post though since this one is already pretty long. All in all, it was an awesome trip and I can't wait for our travel break!